Lucion Illuminated: A Unified Vision for Environmental Excellence

1 February 2024

Hello everyone.  

I mentioned in my last communication to you, that exciting things were ahead for Lucion Group in 2024 and the time has finally come to tell you more! 

In 2024, all the great companies that make up our Lucion Group community will be coming together into a single brand identity, called Lucion. This includes all the brands you currently work with; Lucion Services, Delta-Simons, Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services, Landform Surveys, Midland Surveys, and Ground Engineering.  

As for the name, it makes sense for us to stay with Lucion. When we launched Lucion in 2003, we created this brand name because it means to illuminate (luc) and take action (ion). This is still relevant to all the services we offer today, and to our purpose: protecting people and planet. 

This change really is a case of the whole being much greater than the sum of the parts, enabling us to better meet the changing needs of our customers, whilst offering a one-stop-shop for multidisciplinary environmental services.     

Below I’ve provided some of the key headlines about the change and what it’ll mean for how we do business together moving forward. If you’re interested in seeing what our new brand looks like, have a look at our brand launch page where you can find an overview of all the services we offer and view our brand launch video: Lucion Brand Launch


Lucion Brand FAQ 

Why are we changing?  

We have grown significantly over the last three years, and it has always been part of our growth plan to bring all our acquired businesses together into one place. Coming together will make it easier for our clients to access all the services we now offer. We’ve taken our time to do this to make sure all our acquired companies have made a smooth transition, during this time we’ve been listening to our new colleagues and their clients to ensure we’re meeting their needs.  


What is changing?  

All our companies are coming together to become a single brand identity, Lucion. 

All of our people, including your regular points of contact will very much still be here, they will simply be moving across to our new ‘Lucion’ brand. This structural change will open up fantastic growth and development opportunities, and we will not be downsizing as part of these processes.  


What do I need to do? 

Look out for upcoming communications from us, where we will share further information about our brand updates.  

Make sure you follow us on our social channels for more updates about our new brand and check out our brand launch page where you can find an overview of all the services we offer and view our brand launch video: Lucion Brand Launch

As always, thank you for your continued support, we would never have got to this point without your business and we value our relationship. I hope you’ll find this transition to be seamless as we continue to offer our trusted services to you.  

Phil Rozier 

Chief Executive Officer 



If you have any questions about the above communication please contact our team: 

+44 (0)345 5040 303 


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