About the Lucion Group

Lucion Group is a purpose-driven company where we protect people from hazardous environments and protect the environment from the impacts of people.


As a private equity backed business, we are sustainable, interesting and continue to grow and push forward to secure our future as a business not only for our investors, but for our community of people. 


We started our business as a hazardous materials inspection, testing and consultancy on a mission to protect people from hazardous environments. As we grew the business, we naturally expanded, organically and through acquisition. This led to opportunities to also protect the environment from the impacts of people. We are now a group of companies on a mission to protect people and planet. 


Our culture has not been manufactured or created for the purposes of the business, but instead it formed naturally through the interactions of our people and developed from our operations. Through our scientific testing activities as our founding service lines, we have always had to operate with integrity, accuracy and ultimately be trusted to deliver our services. This integrity, and all our values are reflected in our operations across the business.


As a group we will continue to grow. Our 2022/2027 5 year plan outlines our continual direction towards protecting people and planet. We’ll grow organically we’ll acquire and we’ll introduce complimentary service lines to enhance our group and offering to our clients and continue to deliver a sustainable business for our community.