Where it all began

Founded in 2002 under the name Lucion Environmental, the Lucion Group started out as a two person operation as one of the first asbestos management companies in North East England.


Through our dedication and success Lucion has grown rapidly, expanding our team and our operations to encompass all of the UK and beyond where we now operate internationally in countries such as Brazil, China, and Turkey. 


During this period, new service offerings and capabilities were developed with the Lucion Group introduced as the parent brand for our expanded range of environmental management services. 


Lucion Group comprises of;


  • Lucion Services, industry accredited and certified experts in hazardous materials testing, inspection and management, providing trusted holistic environmental risk management services.
  • Delta-Simons, an established multi-disciplinary environmental and health and safety consultancy providing trusted advice and solutions for sustainable development.
  • Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services, specialist providers of comprehensive and cost-effective radiation protection services to a wide range of internationally operating industrial and non-industrial companies.
  • Landform Surveys, established specialist providers of a comprehensive suite of value-adding topographical survey services to a wider range of commercial and industrial clients.
  • Ground Engineering Limited, highly specialist providers of ground engineering services, Ground Engineering Ltd specialises in the provision of site investigation services and geotechnical testing.


As part of our growth and development plan substantial acquisitions have also been made and developments in technology have ensured the sustainability of our growth.