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Our MISSION - To protect people and the planet.

As the market leaders in hazardous materials testing, inspection and environmental management solutions our intention is to make the world a safer place for everyone, your staff, customers and the wider community.


Preventing occupational risk and disease and protecting every individual where possible is central to the development of our services and is reflected in all our operations and is core to our culture.

Our CULTURE - We provide sustainability for our teams.

Our culture is fundamentally based on trust between all team members throughout our company.   For us, trust is imperative for job satisfaction. Trust with our teams is built on a solid foundation of; engagement, motivation and values.

We work collaboratively with each team member to establish a sustainable future for our teams and our clients.

Phil Rozier
Chief Executive Officer


The values and beliefs we hold are embedded into everything we do. We have a clear purpose and a shared set of values.



We are honest, transparent and fair in everything that we do. We treat all our colleagues and clients with respect at all times.



We constantly challenge ourselves and the way that we work. To ensure we continue to make a positive difference to people and the environment we are always looking to evolve and improve.


Our commitment to creating environmentally sustainable practises is embedded into the work we do for all our clients and for the communities that they impact.



Trust is the foundation on which all our work is built. It is backed by experience and knowledge and allows us to deliver quality and value at all times.



We are not only committed to the vision we share as colleagues, we are committed to delivering this vision to our clients and their communities.