Lucion Excels in RICE Scheme

26 April 2024

Lucion, the UK’s market-leading provider of asbestos testing, inspection, certification and consultancy services provider, proudly maintains the 'Category 1 - Good' classification in the Regular Interlaboratory Counting Exchange (RICE) Scheme, highlighting exceptional proficiency and delivering unparalleled benefits to clients. The recent success in Round 125 reflects our commitment to excellence and client-focused laboratory services across the United Kingdom. 


What is RICE Scheme? 

As an active participant in the Regular Interlaboratory Counting Exchanges (RICE) Scheme, we submit both in-house laboratory analysts and on-site analysts for assessment, covering the entire UK to rigorous proficiency testing. This commitment ensures that clients benefit from accurate and reliable asbestos fibre counting in air samples, meeting the highest industry standards. 


Innovative Mobile Laboratories and Immediate Results 

For our clients, innovation and efficiency are key to their successful compliance. Our on-site analysts' vehicles are equipped with mobile laboratories for Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) analysis. This forward-thinking approach ensures swift result delivery, providing clients with timely and efficient reporting. With WIFI printers in analysts' vans, we also cater to clients requiring hard copies on-site, enhancing convenience and accessibility. 

The recent success in Round 125 of the RICE Scheme is not just a testament to proficiency but also underscores the tangible benefits our clients receive. With 100% of counts falling within Bands A and B, and with an impressive 95% in Band A, we have maintained our 'Category 1 - Good' classification. 

Adrian Dack, Systems Manager at Lucion, emphasised the client-centric approach, stating,  

"The maintenance of the top classification by the RICE scheme is a testament to our commitment to quality and delivery of the highest standard of service to our customers." 

We are an independent service provider. Our clients benefit from our stringent commitment to independent sampling, testing, and analysis coupled with rigorous quality controls, ensuring trustworthy and impartial results.


Regulatory Compliance 

Lucion’s participation in the RICE Scheme aligns with UK Health and Safety Executive's Guidance - HSG 248 and is a requirement for accreditation of asbestos analysis to ISO 17025.  

Our hazardous materials laboratory operates under the legal entity Lucion Services. Lucion Services is a UKAS-accredited testing laboratory No. 2569 and inspection body No. 0263 in relation to asbestos.    

We offer UKAS-accredited services, including asbestos bulk sampling, qualitative and quantitative identification of asbestos in soils, asbestos air testing including analysis with SEM, and four-stage clearance certification. 

Our success with RICE Scheme not only showcases proficiency but also brings tangible benefits to our clients. Additionally, we participate in multiple HSE proficiency testing schemes in addition to RICE, including; 


Our commitment to innovation, regulatory compliance, and client-centric services positions us as a trusted partner in asbestos testing and analysis.  

By choosing Lucion, you experience uncompromising quality, timely reporting, and industry-leading standards, making our team your preferred choice for reliable and client-focused laboratory services.  

Elevate your expectations in asbestos testing and analysis with services from the UK market-leader in asbestos Testing, Inspection, Certification and Compliance (TICC). 


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