Empowering the Future: Lucion's Commitment to Environmental Sustainability Careers

10 January 2024

As a dedicated Environment Analyst Leader Member and part of the Sustainability Delivery Group, Lucion takes pride in inspiring transformative change within the environmental and sustainability consultancy sector. Together with industry peers, our commitment is to address critical issues and harness the full potential of the sector to drive sustainability.


The Evolution of Sustainability: Lucion's Initiatives

Established in 2019, the Sustainability Delivery Group plays a pivotal role in communicating the environmental sector's significance in tackling challenges such as environmental degradation, climate change, and biodiversity loss. One notable initiative is the creation of the Early Careers Advisory Board (ECAB), aimed at attracting and guiding the next generation of consultants.


Passing the Torch: A New Chapter for ECAB

In a significant move, James Bickle, Lucion Group's representative, passed the ECAB chair role to Geoenvironmental Consultant Saskia Elliott. A passionate geoscience communicator, Saskia brings a fresh perspective, utilising social media to inspire the next generation of earth scientists and improve public perception of geology.

Commenting on her recent appointment to ECAB, Saskia commented;

“I'm excited to be taking this over from James and, once I have found my feet, I am hoping to get involved with making some video content aimed at early careers professionals showing the breadth of the environmental industry. So far I have already had the opportunity to attend the Environment Analyst's UK Business Summit where I met some of the other ECAB members in person, whilst also hearing some fantastic insights on the wider industry.”


Impactful Initiatives: ECAB's Success under James Bickle

Under James Bickle's leadership, ECAB achieved notable milestones, including a comprehensive Early Career Survey, a video series showcasing the daily lives of environmental consultants, and a free-to-view webinar series sharing valuable insights into the consulting field.

To date, the Group, led by James, has successfully:

  • Delivered an Early Career Survey which saw 370 Environmental Consultant Practitioners share their thoughts on sector entry routes, job satisfaction, retention and the skills crisis; 
  • Developed a video series of consultants who have recently joined the industry speaking about their day-to-day life as an Environmental Consultant, and;
  • Produced a free-to-view webinar series to share their insights into the field of consulting, discuss challenges etc.  

Speaking about his experience as ECAB member and Chair, James said;

“I am grateful to have had the opportunity to represent Lucion on the early careers advisory board, including a period as chairperson. It’s been a great opportunity for both the company and me personally to build positive and collaborative relationships with the wider industry when it comes to improving the recruitment, retention, and diversity of early career professionals.

I am excited to see how the group progresses in the future. I am pleased that our involvement will continue through Saskia, who already has a track record of inspiring others towards careers in environmental consultancy.”


Urgent Demand And Renewed Representation Needed In The Environmental Industry

In 2020, Statistica estimated there to be 526,000 full-time equivalents (FTE) working in ‘Green Jobs’ in the UK. The environmental and sustainability consulting industry has the expertise and knowledge needed to deliver a transition to a zero-carbon, sustainable economy. With the sector currently facing an unprecedented demand for consultancy services, there is an urgent need to attract the next generation of professionals. We are excited to be starting 2024 with renewed representation in ECAB and are eager to see what Saskia can bring to the table.

The environmental and sustainability consultancy industry has an important responsibility to drive change and exert influence on the direction of organisations, both large and small. We’re proud to have advocates within Lucion who are committed to solving the issues of access to environmental sector careers and celebrate the great work being undertaken across the sector to inspire the next generation of sustainability leaders.

With the environmental and sustainability consulting industry facing unprecedented demand, Lucion is enthusiastic about starting 2024 with Saskia's renewed representation in ECAB. The sector's responsibility to drive change and inspire the next generation of sustainability leaders is a commitment we take pride in.

Discover the ECAB board members here. 


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