Be Prepared: Managing Occupational Road Risk

4 May 2024

We are proud to announce that the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) has awarded Lucion Gold for group-wide fleet safety performance and our management of occupational road risk for the 8th consecutive year. 


The Importance of Road Safety for Employees 

According to University College London, a third of road deaths and a fifth of serious injuries involve a working driver or rider. In 2023, the Department for Transport reported that there were an estimated 1,633 fatalities related to road collisions in Great Britain, a 9% decline compared to 2022. 

To improve these numbers, RoSPA assesses if employers and regulators can do more to educate and protect employees on the roads. 


Employer Responsibilities for Road Safety 

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires employers to appropriately manage employee health and safety at work, including driving or travelling for work, as reasonably practicable. Employers must manage employees' driving-related risks as part of health and safety measures. 

HSE states managing road safety benefits by: 

  • Reducing work-related ill health risks 
  • Minimising stress and promoting better welfare 
  • Reducing driver injuries 
  • Promoting awareness of organisational health, safety, and operational procedures 


The 'Plan, Do, Check, Act' Method for a Good Safety Management System 

The HSE encourages the 'Plan, Do, Check, Act' method for a good Safety Management System: 

  1. Plan - Describe how you'll manage health and safety and implement into operational procedures. 
  2. Do - Prioritise identified risks, communicate information and training. 
  3. Check - Measure plan effectiveness at protecting from driving-related risks. Encourage reporting accidents and near misses. 
  4. Act - Review learnings from plan performance and effectiveness, adjusting policy and procedures as needed. 


Managing Occupational Road Risks (MORR) 

Developed in 1987 by RoSPA and partners, Managing Occupational Road Risks (MORR) helps organisations take vested interest in employee health and safety on roads, including commutes. MORR is a fundamental element, not an add-on, to managing workplace health and safety. Ensuring driver awareness of specific practises is vital to safeguarding employees and the public. 

RoSPA promotes best practises during all occupational activities, including driving. Lucion has held the prestigious Gold RoSPA MORR award since 2014 for demonstrating high fleet safety standards and executing efficient risk management practises. 


The Take Care, Be Aware (TCBA) Initiative 

As we've grown significantly, acquiring five companies since April 2021, we established and continue developing our Take Care, Be Aware (TCBA) internal initiative. 

During TCBA's launch, we introduced a reverse-only parking policy to reduce pedestrian collision chances when drivers exit spaces. Training educated employees on the benefits of reversing in, encouraging protection of the public, road users, and drivers. 


Lightfoot Technology for a Safe, Eco-Conscious Fleet 

To operate a safe, eco-conscious fleet, we introduced Lightfoot technology, a dashboard display providing real-time driver feedback. Using advanced engine analytics, it coaches drivers to improve efficiency and safety, rewarding Elite Driver status. We're pleased to report 82% of drivers achieved Elite status this year, with an average score of 87.9%. 


About Lucion  

Lucion is purpose-driven to protect people from hazardous environments and the environment from human impacts. As a private equity-backed business, we are sustainable, interesting, and continuously growing to secure our future for investors and our people. 

Starting as a hazardous materials service, we expanded organically and through acquisition, leading to opportunities to also protect the environment. We are now a group on a mission to protect people and planet. Our culture formed naturally through our people's interactions and operations, reflecting our values. 


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