Access Denied: Construction Site Visitor Cards Withdrawn

4 September 2018

Construction Site Visitor Cards withdrawn in a bid to improve construction site safety and allow access to none CSCS cardholders. Lucion Consulting’s Stuart Goodman informs clients on the recent access changes.


Since the 1990s when The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) was first introduced in an effort to combat the high levels of accidents and incidents occurring on construction sites, there has been a massive decline in reported incidents in the UK. Great news! However, this has also inadvertently resulted in many construction sites refusing access to non-construction related workers without CSCS or Construction Visitor Site cards, operating with a 100% carded workforce policy. A policy that is often reinforced by clients’ prequalification documents, as outlined by the CSCS.


So What’s The Issue?

Whilst all CSCS cardholders must complete a CSCS Test to prove their competency, this qualification is not necessarily applicable to other legitimate, non-construction related workers who require regular access to sites who are unable to apply for a CSCS card. A way around this was to have regular visitors permitted access by holding a Construction Site Visitor Card. The card was originally introduced for workers who often did not perform a construction-related role but visited the site on a regular basis such as security guards or cleaners. This resulted in many sites and clients requesting a fully carded construction workforce (not necessarily qualified).

As a result, the CSCS has developed and implemented plans to have individuals who currently hold a Construction Site Visitor Card or require access must attain the appropriate skills cards relating to their qualifications or membership of a recognised professional body. All individuals working in construction-related occupations who do not currently hold the appropriate qualifications must register onto the relevant qualifications before their Construction Site Visitor Card expires in order to avoid denial of access.

Visit to find out what steps you need to take to replace your Construction Site Visitor card.


The Aim of Removing Construction Site Visitor Cards

Removal of Construction Site Visitor Cards will result in a 100% fully qualified workforce. All those without the relevant card demonstrating their qualifications will be denied access. It is the responsibility of the site supervisor, principal contractor and managers to ensure the safety and supervision of visitors not holding a CSCS card.

“The withdrawal of the Site Visitor card will see an increase in the numbers of individuals turning up to site without a card. We are not suggesting site supervisors and managers turn non-cardholders away from site. If a worker is there to carry out a construction related activity then a card is required as proof of their training and qualifications. If they are there to perform a non-construction related activity it then becomes the responsibility of site supervisors and managers to induct and supervise these people to ensure they remain safe at all times when on-site.” 

Graham Wren Chief Executive at CSC States.

Want to know more about site supervisors’, principal contractors’ and managers’ obligations to protect site visitors and the public? Read the HSE’s article on public protection including bullet points covering authorisation.


When Will Construction Site Visitor Cards Stopped Being Issued?

From the 28th of February, 2020 CSCS will stop issuing Construction Site Visitor Cards. It is essential that all current Construction Site Visitor Card holders attain their relevant skill card or register onto the appropriate qualifications required to attain their relevant skill card.

All Construction Site Visitor Cards issued from 3rd September 2018 will expire on 31st August 2020. All cards issued before 3rd September 2018 will expire on the expiry date displayed on the card.

Unsure about whether you need a CSCS card or another type of card to gain site access? CSCS has produced this handy flowchart to help determine what you need to do next.

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