Prominent Environmental Health specialist Lucion Group wins Palatine’s Carbon Leadership Award 2022

11 February 2022

Palatine PE have recognised 5 companies from their investment portfolio who have demonstrated operating with sustainability, consciousness and responsibility at the heart of what they do. The Palatine awards celebrate the companies across their portfolio that have gone above and beyond in their commitments to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and are becoming more sustainable.

Who are the winners?

  • Carbon Leadership Award - Lucion Group
  • Enthusiasm and Potential Award - NRG
  • Newcomer Award - Anthesis
  • Embedding Sustainability Award - CTS
  • Outstanding Achievement Award - EPI

We are proud to have been recognised by our investors Palatine and have been awarded with the Carbon Leadership Award for 2022. 


The Carbon Leadership Award 2022

Our focus for the past 20 years has been the safe management of hazardous materials. From the beginning it has been essential for our company to think about what we can do to best serve our clients and reduce risks to their organisations, as well as their team and other individuals within their businesses and assets. We realised early on during our development that we wanted to protect people and the planet.  

As an operator covering many miles annually to undertake specialist hazardous material and site sample testing across the UK, we are increasingly aware of the carbon impact of our fleet and are committed to radically reducing the climate impact of the company as a whole.  

Green energy has been procured for all sites and a range of incentives offered to our employee community to encourage green energy purchases, cycle to work, EVs and lower impact travel to work.

Movement restrictions during the Covid pandemic presented an opportunity to rethink travel on a more permanent basis and a new fleet telematics system, Lightfoot, aimed at fuel efficiency has already reduced Lucion’s carbon emissions by 31.5 tonnes during the past year alone.

Phil Rozier, CEO of Lucion Group, commented on the recent award win:

“It’s fantastic to have been recognised by our investors for the changes we have been making to our business since our MBO in 2019.

We are determined to see a positive change in the landscape of our business. 2022 will see us invest in our 'beyond carbon neutral' objectives.  By December 2022, we will not only have offset our current carbon production, but we'll also continue to limit our carbon production where possible, and aim to offset not only what's leftover, but an additional 50% of the output.”

This coming year will see the 'Going Live' of our laboratory extension. For our clients, current and new, our laboratory service offerings will grow exponentially, allowing us to offer additional testing services to our clients, without the burden of additional suppliers and their travel and resource requirements. In doing so, our clients gain added value, from a supplier they trust, that limits our carbon footprint through our enhanced service offering.

Looking to Lucion's future

The demand for transparency on sustainable and socially responsible practises is on the rise. ESG analysis and reporting can provide valuable insights and help create long-term value for stakeholders.

In order to continue to move towards our ESG goals and achieving ‘beyond carbon neutral’ status, Lucion Group’s ESG Lead Hazel Gillings has been undertaking benchmarking assessments and materiality assessments for each business and this shows us our strengths, positive impact areas, and opportunities for improvement.

Hazel outlined what ESG benchmarking looks like stating:

“The ESG benchmarking assessment is a report which considers the pillars of Environment, Social and Governance and is used to establish how our businesses are performing in each pillar. Each pillar is broken down into themes and indicator questions, based on global frameworks and standards for ESG, which set out what “good” looks like. 

The materiality assessment is used to understand what is most significant to a business. All of the themes are prioritised by a group of key stakeholders, to identify what matters most to the business. It is important to establish which of the items are desirable, and which are business critical, so we can prioritise areas for improvement.”

To ensure the Lucion Group progresses towards our ESG targets, Hazel’s goals for the Lucion Group are:

  1. to establish year on year improvement of ESG in order to become a more sustainable business; and,
  2. to make a positive impact (socially and environmentally) beyond our standard business activities


The Lucion Group

As part of our efforts to achieve our mission of protecting people and the planet, we have developed our capabilities to extend our current service offering of accredited and certified hazardous material inspection, testing, and consultancy, delivering holistic and trusted risk management.

The past 2 years have been a careful balancing act of managing short term pressures against medium and long term objectives. 

Despite the challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Lucion Group has performed extremely well and shown their resilience in difficult times, resulting in significant growth. This is a reflection not only of the quality and support of all our people and our clients, but also the need for the continuing provision of first class technical and regulatory services no matter what economic climate prevails. 

Our most recent acquisitions support further our ambitious growth strategy as we pursue further synergistic opportunities in the UK and International markets to expand our service offering and further bolster our resilience to future challenges.

The Lucion Group now comprises of:

  • Lucion Services is the UK’s market-leading environmental services group. Industry accredited and certified experts in hazardous materials testing, inspection and management.
  • Delta-Simons, an established multi-disciplinary environmental and health and safety consultancy providing trusted advice and solutions for sustainable development.
  • Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services, specialist providers of comprehensive and cost-effective radiation protection services to a wide range of internationally operating industrial and non-industrial companies.

The Lucion Group has more than 500 employees, the majority of whom are field-based technical specialists with skillsets in 50+ environmental consultancy services, including hazardous materials, ecology, air and water services, geo-environmental and sustainability among others.

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You can find out more about Palatine’s other awards and investment portfolio by clicking the link: Palatine Awards


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