Lucion Group Dives In, Supporting 100 Swimming Aquathon 2023

2 May 2023

At Lucion Group, we are committed to protecting people and the planet. Working primarily in the environmental and risk management sectors, we have responsibilities to the environment and the communities in which we work.  

As we innovate, develop and evolve our business to ensure resilience for the future, we seek to attract and retain the best talent through engagement and our conscious commitment to work sustainably. We are held to account by our people and as a result of our direct actions and how we influence others.

We are always looking at ways we can offer our services or sponsorship to help the planet or give something back to our people and local communities. Through our group Social Impact Fund, we invest in activities that affect positive changes environmentally and socially including investments into sea-wilding initiatives and providing sustainability services via our Sustainability partnerships with the Cambridge Half Marathon and The SHE Show.

Most recently, we have partnered with 100% Swimming as a sponsor for their Aquathon series held at Activities Away in South Hykeham, Lincoln. 


100% Swimming  Aquathon Event Series

100% Swimming provides first-class swim coaching for swimmers and triathletes of all abilities who are looking to improve their performance.

100% Swimming has been running an Aquathon event series for a number of years now and the events have always been really successful. Delta-Simons has sponsored the event in previous years and this year we’re sponsoring again, but as Lucion Group. 

Our sponsorship of the event enables 100% swimming to put on a junior series, alongside the main event. As a result, the only charge to juniors will be a £10 registration fee, enabling them to race for free and saving up to £50 per person. This promotes physical activity and engagement as well as making it an accessible event with no financial barriers. 

This is a great way of supporting the local community as well as unearthing talent, such as Amelia Chrispin. The photos below show Amelia 10 years apart; racing as a 7-year-old in her first aquathon which Delta-Simons sponsored, and 10 years later as a fully-fledged competitive triathlete. Our sponsorship was the trigger for Amelia to get into racing and there is a strong chance that we will see her in international competition before long.

Additionally, our team have been offered volunteering and participation opportunities at the upcoming events that take place on Wednesday evenings at Activities Away (where we also carry out water testing to ensure the lake is safe to swim in) from 7pm and will be taking place on the following dates; 17th May, 14th June, 5th July and 16th August.


ESG Commitments

Over the years, 100% Swimming has committed to a number of ESG commitments of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ to reduce the event’s carbon footprint and waste. 

One Planet One Hat

This year 100% Swimming introduced a single swim cap which will replace all event swim hats that 100% Swimming use, with the strapline #oneplanetonehat. 

From Pallet To Prize

Instead of using mass-produced, imported trophies or medals for the winners which spare little thought for the environment, Director and Founder, Paul Fowler, also the Founder and Head Coach of 100% Swimming, created an alternative idea. An old pallet found on the roadside was taken apart and sanded to form several individual plaques. The plaques were then painted by local artist, Jackie Hollingworth, to create a piece of artwork for each winner. This initiative supports the environment, highlights a local artist and creates a unique prize for the aquathon winners.

As a sustainability conscious, ‘Beyond Net Zero’ company, we are dedicated to delivering on our ESG commitments as well as supporting our clients and charity partners in achieving theirs through sponsorship, volunteering and service delivery.

As a part of our support for this local community health and wellbeing event, our team provide water quality testing for Activities Away which boasts an 800m open water swimming loop. In addition Activities Away, a multi-activity centre, also hosts canoeing, paddle boarding, jet skiing and family activities at the centre. The water quality is measured against current bathing water regulations and always achieves the top rating of Excellent!

Commenting on our continued support, Paul commented;

“Thanks to the support from Delta-Simons, the Aquathon goes from strength to strength each year; this year we are encouraging more Juniors to take part in the event as open water swimming gains in popularity.  More people are taking up open water swimming, whether it be for health reasons or to train for competitive events which is great to see and be a part of”.

Want to get involved? You can register on the night, or online before the event at


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