Lucion Group Receives Commendations At Engagement Excellence Awards

10 November 2022

Following a review of hundreds of entries judged by an independent panel, we are pleased to announce that the Lucion Group received a commendation at the Engagement Excellence Awards hosted by Reward Gateway.

Lucion Group were announced as finalists for ‘Most effective employee engagement communications strategy’ and ‘Best use of employee engagement platform to support business strategy’ at the awards. The nominations were achieved off the back of a successful relaunch of Lucion’s internal engagement platform, supplied by Reward Gateway, Being Lucion. Lucion Group’s Communications Director, Lucy Clark, provides insight into the relaunch with analysis of beneficial outcomes for both Lucion’s employees and organisation.



In 2019 Lucion introduced Reward Gateway, a supplier of internal engagement platforms, as we required a common platform, that all employees, across all our teams and brands, could access key business information (such as policies and procedures), interact with each other and contribute to our business strategies. When first implemented, our team primarily used the Reward Gateway platform, which we branded ‘Being Lucion’, as a discounts platform. 

Following a series of successful company acquisitions, in May 2022 we embarked on a process to relaunch Being Lucion, with the purpose of engaging our diverse workforce spread across multiple brands, working on multiple platforms. 

Phil Rozier, Chief Executive Officer of the Lucion Group, was keen to create a cohesive company culture based around our recently redefined purpose: to protect people & planet, and our core values; sustainability, trust, integrity, commitment and innovation.

Our acquired companies were working in silos, and due to the impact of the COVID pandemic, many teams weren’t able to connect regularly to the wider business. Some were working in offices, others on site, some from home. Many had never met before and had no way to communicate with each other let alone receive Group-wide communications. We needed a platform to showcase our holistic business strategy, our refined purpose and values and get our team on board and engaged.

Conducting four employer brand workshops with representatives from all aspects of our businesses, our HR and Communications team identified that Being Lucion was currently under-utilised. We knew we had to act and re-launch the platform, encouraging engagement from the outset.


Being Lucion: Take 2

Our vision was to create a “community hub”, where all of our companies come together for updates, share thoughts and get to know each other, whilst reaffirming our purpose, vision and values. Having our teams buy into our strategy, would create a lived experience that improves staff retention and client experience. To do so, it had to be relatable and accessible to all.

By offering increased benefits (such as Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), cycle to work and discounts), we had the opportunity to attract our team to engage with Being Lucion and actively use the site as its intended two-way communication stream. Our communications team implemented strategies to ensure our teams felt that they were actively participating in our business strategy, purpose and values. The additional package benefits of Reward Gateway’s employee surveys, e-cards and recognition wall would be key to allowing our team to show how they “live” our values and purpose on a daily basis.


The Results

Having only completed the re-launch of our platform in May 2022, it is early to confirm measured impact on business results but the preliminary statistics show a positive impact so far. That said,  the percentage of active users on the Being Lucion site has increased from 33% in April (before the re-launch) to 70% in June, demonstrating a notable increase in team engagement.

Our workforce are motivated and engaged to fulfil our mission of protecting people and the planet whilst continuing to develop our business strategy. 


Join Our Community

Our culture has not been manufactured or created for the purposes of the business, but instead, has formed naturally through the interactions of our people and developed from our operations. Through our scientific testing activities as our founding service lines, we have always had to operate with integrity, accuracy and ultimately be trusted to deliver our services. This integrity, our values, and our mission to protect people and planet, are reflected in our operations across the business.

Our community knows that the work we do means something. We are aware of our responsibility when we deliver our services, no matter what area of the business we operate in. We act swiftly, decisively, and always with social impact at the heart of decision-making, we build long-lasting, sustainable relationships throughout our community. 

Give your career meaning and join our community on our mission to make the world a safer place. Click to see our job openings and find out what it’s like to be part of Lucion: Find Your Purpose




About The Author

With over 12 years of experience within Lucion in various commercial functions and in-depth knowledge of our market drivers and the changing landscape of client requirements, Lucy has been pivotal to the growth and development of Lucion and its subsidiary companies. 

Lucy ensures that our Group strategy, branding and communications are aligned with our vision for sustainable growth. Lucy heads up our bids, marketing, internal communications and commercial contracts functions.

Lucy Clark

Group Communications Director


T: 0345 5040 303

LI: Lucy Clark



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