Group Head of Business Development, Kim Johnson, Heads To Key Supplier Facilities Management And Estates Event.

19 April 2023

As a well-established member of the environmental sector, Kimberley Johnson, Group Head of Business Development at Lucion Group, will be attending this year’s Facilities Management & Estates two-day event at the luxury Riverside InterContinental London - the O2 Hotel, hosted by Platform Events UK, on the 26th and 27th April 2023.


Facilities Management and Estates Platform Event

Distinct from other networking and supplier events, Platform Events are designed to bring together Facilities Management Buyers and Suppliers in pre-selected, pre-booked, one-to-one meetings based on relevant business profiling. The format aims to reduce time and costs for both the buyer and supplier with both parties arriving at the event fully informed and ready to do business.

Kim commented on the upcoming event stating;

“The Platform Event format offers a structured and organised way of meeting a variety of suppliers, resulting in increased productivity and benefits. 

For buyers, attending such an event reduces the need for unsolicited communication such as cold emails and calls, as well as meeting with multiple potential suppliers, many of which are likely to be unsuitable. The event allows buyers to take control and decide which suppliers they want to connect with and build relationships with. This approach aligns with Lucion's values and business strategy, as we prioritise establishing lasting, sustainable relationships with current and potential clients. 

By connecting with interested buyers early on, we can lay the foundation for mutually beneficial partnerships.”

As a purpose-driven organisation on a mission to protect people and the planet, events such as Platform UK provides us with an opportunity to think about and reduce our carbon footprint relating to marketing and cold emails. 


About The Lucion Group

At Lucion Group, we are dedicated to protecting people from hazardous environments and protecting the environment from the impacts of people. We provide environmental risk management, inspection, assessment and advisory services through our collective group of companies.

The Group’s foundation businesses comprise Lucion Services a market-leading provider of hazardous materials management and Delta-Simons, a multi-disciplinary environmental and health and safety consultancy providing solutions for sustainable development. The Group includes several additional and aligned inspection, assessment and consultancy companies, acquired through our sustainable growth strategy.

With a national presence and a global footprint through our membership in the Inogen Alliance, Lucion Group has over 600 employees operating across 12 specialist sectors. As an experienced provider of services, we are a trusted partner and an essential member of the Facilities Management supply chain.


Lucion Group’s Commitment To Sustainability

Our Group of companies supports sustainable development across 12 sectors worldwide by providing risk mitigation services. We operate as three industry verticals: inspection, conducting hazardous material testing, data analysis, and surveys; assessment, performing physical on-site investigations, including geoenvironmental and geotechnical studies; and advisory, offering environmental, sustainability, and consultancy services to assist clients at every stage of their asset lifecycle.

As a private equity-backed business, we prioritise sustainability and growth to secure our future for investors and the community. We joined the UN Global Compact in November 2022, committing to its 10 universal principles for good business practice. We will provide an annual ESG disclosure, beginning in 2023. As we acquire more businesses, we face the challenge of integrating them into our culture and values and collecting more data across our fleet and property portfolio. To overcome this, we have created roles in these key areas to collect good data, allowing us to make informed decisions and become a "Beyond Net Zero" business with action plans for reducing carbon emissions.

We strive for a positive change in the business landscape and are pleased to report that in December 2022, we achieved "beyond carbon neutral" status by not only offsetting our carbon production but also limiting it where possible. We aim to offset an additional 50% of our output in 2023. We continue to make an impact while expanding our international capabilities through our founding membership, through our company Delta-Simons Ltd, in the Inogen® Alliance, a global corporation providing multinational organisations with high-quality, cost-effective solutions for environmental, health, safety, energy, and sustainability.

If you are looking to partner with an environmentally conscious, holistic environmental services supplier, get in touch with Kim Johnson, Group Head of Business Development at Lucion Group using the details below or click ‘Make an Enquiry’.



Kim Johnson - Head of Business Development

Group Head of Business Development at Lucion Group, Kim Johnson, has earned nearly 13 years of experience within the environmental industry. Starting her career as an Asbestos Surveyor/analyst,  Kim has gone from strength to strength, earning herself a reputation for taking the pain out of managing hazardous materials for our clients. In her role as Head of Business Development, Kim leads a team of Business Development Managers and Executives across the Lucion Group and its subsidiary companies; Lucion Services, Delta-Simons Ltd, Aberdeen Radiation Protection Services, Ground Engineering, Landform Surveys Ltd, Midland Surveys, and Lucion NexGen, supporting them to effectively support our clients through the complex world of regulations and guidelines in hazardous material management.


M: 07788315848

T: 0345 5040 303

Linkedin: Kim Johnson


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