Lucion Group Announces Strategic Company Realignment

2 September 2022

In 2019, Lucion completed a Management Buy Out (MBO) by Private Equity Investors, Palatine and appointed a new CEO, Phil Rozier. Under Phil’s leadership, the team at Lucion have continued to grow, onboarding four companies in the past two years, in line with our strategic acquisitive growth plan. The Lucion Group now has more than 600 employees, the majority of whom are field-based technical specialists with skillsets in 50+ environmental consultancy services, including hazardous materials, ecology, air and water services, geo-environmental and sustainability among others.

As the market leading provider of environmental services to corporate and commercial clients in the UK, we are pleased to announce a key strategic company alignment, reflective of our continued organic and acquisitive growth. Lucion Group’s Communications Director Lucy Clark provides insight into Lucion’s latest activities.

During the past six months, we’ve been looking closely at the roles needed in the business to strengthen the functions that we share across the Lucion Group, and unify our interactions between all our subsidiary companies.

The intention of this strategic realignment of roles is to create a pool of shared services that operate across the Lucion Group. This will include HR, ESG, Technical Assurance, Bids, Marketing, Finance, NexGen, Operational Delivery and IT. As these services are common to all our businesses within the group, providing them as shared services allows us to offer a stronger service to our clients. 


Exec Team Role Updates

To support these shared services, our Exec Team has also had their roles readdressed. This has resulted in the following changes to roles;

  • Alex Ferguson is to become Group Managing Director, where he will hold overall Board level responsibility for commercial success, and line-manage our business service Directors across the Group. 
  • Ross Boulton, as Chief Technical Officer will be responsible for the following shared services: HR, IT, ESG, QHSE, Learning and Development, Legal Assurance and Acquisition Due Diligence. 
  • Adam Mead, as Chief Operating Officer will oversee the shared services of Management Information and Data, NexGen, Laboratories, Centralised Operational Delivery, Facilities and Fleet. 
  • Jamie McGivern as Chief Financial Officer will continue to oversee the Group Finances with the support of the soon to be appointed Group Finance Director. 


Group Leadership Role Updates

This has led to opportunities, such as the advertisements for Managing Director for Lucion Services, appointed to Jeremy Meredith, Simon Clennell-Jones’ appointment to Managing Director of our Geoenvironmental services division, Amanda Simmons appointment to  Group HR Director, and the position of Group Technical Director going to Kelvin Hughes

Alongside these newly created roles, two further members of the Senior Leadership Team are adapting their current roles to work across the Group:

With their wealth of experience and success in operations and commercial delivery respectively, it is key to streamlining our services that Nick and Dave move to Group positions to support our subsidiary businesses. 

Within Lucion Services, Nick and Dave will hand their day to day responsibilities onto Area Directors Neil Smethurst in the North, Larne Fuller in the South, and our Operational leaders, Operations Director - South, Will Vennard, and Head of Operations - North, Russell O’Regan

Explaining the need for these adjustments to the Group structure and individual responsibilities, Phil Rozier commented; 

“We have been in the fortunate position to make four successful business acquisitions since April 2021. This has led to the Group doubling in real terms of our community, client base and revenue streams. Such growth requires a core leadership team across the Group, with clear accountability lines. The structural clarity we are creating today is aligned with our 5 year strategy for 2022 - 2027, which will see continued growth.”


The Future Is Bright

Four years ago, Lucion was the 'only' market leader in asbestos consultancy services in the UK. 15 years in operation, we had grown to employ over 300 people across our 12 UK locations. Since then, having now operated for 19 years, Lucion has 25 UK locations and directly employs over 600 specialists, offering professional environmental services. Lucion can now truly 'protect people and planet' - our singular purpose as a business. 

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About The Author

With over 12 years of experience within Lucion in various commercial functions and in-depth knowledge of our market drivers and the changing landscape of client requirements, Lucy Clark has been pivotal to the growth and development of Lucion and its subsidiary companies. Lucy ensures that our Group strategy, branding and communications are aligned with our vision for sustainable growth. Lucy heads up our bids, marketing, internal communications and commercial contracts functions. 


Lucy Clark

Group Communications Director

Lucion Group



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