From Brownfields to Bids: Ellie Curry shares her experience of moving from Geoenvironmental Consultant to Bid Writer

24 July 2023

The continued growth and success of Lucion has enabled us to offer progression and internal career opportunities for those within our community who wish to develop their skills in a different area. Our Group Bids Team is a fantastic place for building on knowledge and skills already gained in the sector, and we’re proud that several of our bid writers have developed into their current roles from other areas of the business.

Ellie Curry joined our Lucion Group bids team earlier this year after transferring from her role as a Geoenvironmental Consultant at our company, Delta-Simons. Ellie’s experience working as a technical consultant stood her in great stead to expand her skills into the world of bids and she’s slotted seamlessly into the team. Ellie joined Delta-Simons in 2021 after 5 years at a smaller environmental consultancy, following her graduation in 2016 from The University of Hull where she studied Geology with Physical Geography. Over her 7 years as a graduate and consultant, Ellie worked on projects ranging from large-scale industrial sites to smaller developer-led projects, all throughout the UK. 

Now Ellie is almost 6 months into her new role, we asked her to share a little more about transitioning into bid writing, what it’s like working as part of our wider commercial team and how her experience as a consultant has supported her.


What drew you to applying for the bid coordinator role?

I’ve always been interested in both the technical side of contaminated land and geotechnics but also the more quality-driven side; what does our client need? What can make their life easier? How can we achieve their goals and prove we’re the best fit for the job? I saw the opportunity to join the bids team back in December 2022 and did a little bit more research. I hadn’t had the opportunity to work with the bids team before, but after doing some digging and discovering what being a bid coordinator really meant, I realised that it could be the perfect fit for me. 


What is it like working as part of the bids team and wider commercial team?

I really enjoy it - everyone is incredibly helpful and motivating. Because I was having a complete role change, I was wary of being the new kid on the block but I really had nothing to worry about; I’ve been completely supported by my team.


How has your experience as a consultant supported your bid writing role?

As part of the bids team, we learn to see things through our client’s eyes and truly respond to their needs. Having a technical background and knowing the practices within Delta-Simons has enabled me to bring that expertise into my bids and work collaboratively with our geoenvironmental teams.


What does a typical working day look like?

Three-times a week we start our day with a Bid Team Catch-up. It gives us a chance to discuss our current workload, see what opportunities may be on the horizon and bounce ideas off of each other. After that I look for any potential geoenvironmental opportunities and catch-up on my current bids. The process is all about being organised so I tend to map out a lot of things in my notebook with my different coloured pens and highlighters!


What do you enjoy most about your role?

I really enjoy the intricate, detail-oriented, thought-provoking process of creating bids. I like the whole process of identifying a potential opportunity and then nurturing it through bid/no bid calls, kick-off meetings and progress meetings, until it’s all grown-up and ready to be submitted.


What has been your biggest learning curve since joining the bids team?

That not every bid is the same and similarly, that not every client is the same. I’ve learnt to do my research in advance, understand exactly what our clients want and take the time to mould our response to suit their needs. It can be a juggling act, but the team are always there to help when needed!



We’re currently recruiting for a Bid Coordinator to join our team. You can view the job description and apply here. If you’re interested in having a discussion about the role, connect with our Group Communications Director, Lucy Clark.

To find out more about what it’s like to work as part of the Lucion Group and to explore openings across all of our companies, visit our careers site here.