Elevating Environmental Excellence In Our Environmental Transactions Team

28 February 2024

As we race towards our upcoming brand launch on April 1st, we are pleased to announce significant developments in our Environmental Transaction Services (ETS) Team.   

For those unacquainted with ETS, we specialise in providing environmental counsel to investors, funders, agents, and more, navigating the realms of real estate transactions and corporate mergers and acquisitions. Our technical expertise encompasses ground risk, flood risk, climate risk, and Environment, Social Governance (ESG), all delivered promptly to empower our clients to maximise their investments. 

Amidst this exciting journey, we take pride in acknowledging the remarkable advancements in our team, coupled with promotions that mirror individual commitment to our core values: sustainability, commitment, innovation, integrity, and trust. 

Joanne Dickinson 

Joanne Dickinson assumed leadership of the Lincoln/Leeds-based ETS team during the summer, spearheading a transformative journey. In recognition of her unwavering commitment and exemplary leadership, Jo has ascended to the role of Associate. 

Dan Speight 

Embracing the opportunity to step into the space created by Jo's elevation, Dan Speight has showcased dedication and trust in his adept management of projects and client accounts in 2023. In acknowledgment of his efforts, Dan has earned a well-deserved promotion to Senior Consultant. 

Jay Roche 

Having seamlessly transitioned to ETS from Ground Risk and Engineering, Jay Roche has evolved into a trusted project manager, offering invaluable technical insights. Jay's commitment, integrity, and innovation are recognized as he is promoted to Senior Consultant.  

Rising Stars  

Our 2021 cohort of graduates - Maz Hahn, Isaac McKenna, and Edward Ellingham - have set the environmental due diligence market ablaze with their rapid skill development and innovation. Maz's commitment to sustainability shines through her integral role in ESG services. Isaac's focus on Flood Risk Appraisals for Water Services and Eddie's critical contributions to specialist due diligence services have earned them promotions to Consultants. 

I would like to congratulate Jo, Dan, Jay, Maz, Isaac and Eddie on their promotions and I’m looking forward to seeing their careers further progress this year! 

Aaron Cousins 

Unit Director 

Environmental Transaction Services 


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